How much is just the right amount?

Gambling is a pleasure for many people. But only as long as you gamble responsibly. We want to help you to find out how much is just right for you personally.

Test yourself!

Curious about your gambling? Do our quick self-test and find out how you are doing! You will also obtain tips on what you personally can do to gamble more responsibly.

Are you gambling too much?

Has gambling stopped being a pleasure for you? Do you find it difficult to control how much you gamble? Is there anyone close to you who’s had problems with gambling? Help is available.

13 simple tips to help you gamble safe and responsibly

We have collected our best tips here to help you gamble no more than you really want to.

Do you know someone who’s gambling too much?

If someone close to you is gambling too much, there’s also a major risk that you’ll be adversely affected. You can find out what do to about this here.

The psychology of gambling

A person who doesn’t know how gambling works risks making bad decisions about his or her gambling. Hand on heart: how aware are you really?

Facts about gambling

How much do we gamble for in Sweden? Which games are the most popular? Did you know that there’s a special authority for gambling? Here are all the facts you need about gambling, and a bit more besides.